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Diploma Policy

By providing educational and research opportunities on an international scale, the Graduate Program for Integration of Mechanical Systems (GP-Mech) aims to develop researchers and engineers who display the following qualities and abilities:

  1. General and specialized knowledge in the integration of mechanical systems and a sufficient understanding of diverse values and cultures. Ability to independently conceptualize and make judgments based on solid academic experiences.
  2. Ability to design, develop and create practical systems, based on the full understanding of actual use conditions and end-users, for the integration of mechanical systems, which is critical in robotics and aerospace engineering.
  3. Ability to play a core role in large-scale projects in collaboration with world-class researchers and engineers, and to contribute to global technological innovation as a member of an academic community or a global company.
  4. Ability to create new businesses by setting up ventures, and to bring about innovation from a global perspective.