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Program Summary

Integration of mechanical systems is a critical discipline that drives innovation in Japan along with the progress of globalization. When it comes to systems integration, however, Japanese researchers and engineers are not recognized for designing element technologies and integrating them into systems, despite being known for excellence in elaborating and sophisticating specific fields of specialization. Leveraging Tohoku University’s previous achievements in aerospace engineering and robotics, the GP-Mech aspires to develop capable researchers and engineers who can lead global innovation by providing students with graduate programs focused on systems integration in collaborating with world’s most advanced academic institutions.

Diploma Policy

By providing educational and research opportunities on an international scale, the Graduate Program for Integration of Mechanical Systems (GP-Mech) aims to develop researchers and engineers who display the following qualities and abilities:

  1. General and specialized knowledge in the integration of mechanical systems and a sufficient understanding of diverse values and cultures. Ability to independently conceptualize and make judgments based on solid academic experiences.
  2. Ability to design, develop and create practical systems, based on the full understanding of actual use conditions and end-users, for the integration of mechanical systems, which is critical in robotics and aerospace engineering.
  3. Ability to play a core role in large-scale projects in collaboration with world-class researchers and engineers, and to contribute to global technological innovation as a member of an academic community or a global company.
  4. Ability to create new businesses by setting up ventures, and to bring about innovation from a global perspective.

Financial Support

To attract excellent students from inside and outside of Japan and to develop internationally active postdoctoral human resources, Tohoku University provides financial support to the Program students in the form of a research assistant (RA) salary or overseas study expense aid. Support is also intended to allow the students to plan and engage in independent, creative research projects. The amounts of support will be determined based on the rules of Tohoku University and the guidelines of the program. Please note that the RA salary will only be provided to those who are in the second year of the Master’s Program or in the Doctoral Program.
If currently receiving other financial support, please consult with us.
The program students are encouraged to apply for the Research Fellowship for Young Scientists program of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Degree Requirements

To complete this Program, students need to satisfy the requirements specific to the GP-Mech in addition to the general degree requirements of their graduate school.
Please refer to the links below for curriculum and degree conferral requirements.

Degree Conferral Requirements