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Message from Program Director

The integration of mechanical systems is a critical discipline that drives innovation in Japan along with the progress of globalization. When it comes to systems integration, however, Japanese researchers and engineers are not recognized for designing element technologies and integrating them into systems, despite being known for excellence in elaborating and sophisticating specific fields of specialization. The GP-Mech was launched in April 2018 to develop well-prepared researchers and engineers who can lead innovation globally in the field of systems integration. To this end, the GP-Mech provides graduate-level education focused on systems integration through collaboration with the world’s most advanced educational institutions in aerospace engineering, robotics and other areas in which Tohoku University has demonstrated our strengths.

Program participants will be selected from the Graduate Schools of Engineering, Information Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, and Environmental Studies. They will take courses designed to develop a global mindset and multidisciplinary research skills, and engage in international joint research projects at overseas partner institutions for over six months. All courses of the Program will be conducted in English.

In addition, the Program is designed to provide wide-ranging opportunities to unlock the students’ potential and hone their qualities as internationally active researchers through interactions with teachers and students from diverse backgrounds. The students will take part in international workshops and summer programs, and will have daily opportunities to discuss with faculty and students from overseas. Various financial support programs are available to help the students to benefit from these extensive opportunities, including overseas study expense aid.

I sincerely hope that students aspiring for successful, global careers will join the Program and work with the faculty in its most stimulating and resourceful environment.


GP-Mech Program Director
Professor in Aerospace Engineering
Kazuya Yoshida